We are the creator of Cubemelt

We are a character design and IP development studio with a full-service offering. We collaborate between disciplines to finds new ways to engage and surprise the audience based on meaningful insights.

What we love doing

We use our knowledge and industry insights to help clients develop their own  brands through character creation, original digital contents and design. We help develop your ideas into a commercial concept. In short, this is what we do 🙂

Character and Mascot Design

With the right character for your brand or product, you can cross cultural and age boundaries and reach a broader audience with a clear, engaging voice. Just think of it as your own unique brand ambassador without all the hassels!

Digital and online Content

Whether you want to entertain or educate, we offer a full range of content stragety services – from storyscaping to animation production, we find new ways to engage and surprise your audience basing on meaning insight.

Brand Mascot and IP Management

Already have a brand mascot or preparing to have one but struggle to find ways to utilise its full potential, be it engagement or monetization? Our audience-centric strategy approach, which is straightforward, actionable and effective will helps to breath new life into your mascot or IP.

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