Publisher & Developer
Affinixy Pte. Ltd

Based on CubeMelt Characters Created by
Ven Wong

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Licensed from
7 Steps Productions Pte Ltd

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General and Media

CubeMelt Adventure

Cubemelt sets off to see the world. But a flock of birds quickly turns his balloon trip into a slide down a mountain slope. He needs your help to grab any Golden Popsicle that he finds to stay frozen while avoiding obstacles! Collect all the different costumes with special skills and power-ups that help Cubemelt go further!

Why you will love CubeMelt Adventure!


The Challenge

Guide Cubemelt by swiping left and right to avoid obstacles!
Slide across mountains, glasslands and deserts! As it gets hotter, Cubemelt melts faster. Can u keep him frosty by gobbling popsicles along the way?

Golden Popsicles

Get more pospsicles the more you play and use them to unlock more costumes and power-ups!

Multiple Costumes

Each Costume come with special skills and power-ups that help Cubemelt go further. Collect all the costumes and be surprised by each one!

Power Ups!

Unlock or buy power-ups to help you slide further!