When a client asks – why do they need a mascot? We usually will ask them how do your customers remember your brand values visually?

Not all brands need a mascot, but if you need something to cut through the noise or stand out among the competitor, a brand or product mascot is a good visual and emotion communicator. Most of us are visually driven, we remember graphics faster compared to a string of text. And a simple change in the expression of the mascot can communicate the emotion of the message better than words.

A mascot is also very useful in communicating your brand values or product features. As it can act out those values or features as part of its personality trait which usually cannot be shown through logo or tagline alone. This also helps customers to distinguish the brand tone, is it serious or entertaining, lively or calm, etc, and thus appeals to your target demographic more effectively and engage with them on a more social level.

To sum it up here are 5 key points why Mascot should be part of your brand strategy.

  • A powerful marketing tool that personifies your brand.
  • Visually More Memorable
  • Mascots Entertain and Engage
  • Consistency in communication (Visual marking)
  • A brand mascot can be a valuable IP asset.

This is one of our favourite examples: