New mobile game CubeMelt Adventure has arrived on screens to great fanfare, with almost 5,000 pre-registrants before launch


Beloved comic character CubeMelt has left his panels to see the world beyond – on mobile! On 25 June 2021 (Fri), the sliding game CubeMelt Adventure has finally made its way to both Google Play and App Store to the delight of fans.

Even before its launch, almost 5,000 players have already pre-registered for the game, excited to deck CubeMelt up in fun costumes ranging from ninja gear to animal outfits. This huge support is no surprise. Full of positive witticisms and occasional heroism, CubeMelt was after all not just a cute comic, but also an uplifting pick-me-up for fans all over the world.

Created by Singapore-based illustrator and animation director Ven Wong, CubeMelt has already amassed close to 300,000 followers on Instagram since the comic’s debut in November 2016. This year, CubeMelt Adventure – the mobile game – shines on with the familiar bright outlook that fans love.

This deceptively simple game stands out with its inspiring twist, built on CubeMelt’s infectious love to stay solid in the unforgiving weather. From the get-go, it greets players with affirming messages, urging them to slide on with the spirited character and never give up despite falling.

The addictive gameplay is a bonus, thanks to its partner Affinixy Pte Ltd.

Go the distance: Steer CubeMelt away from obstacles while collecting Golden Popsicles that will keep him from melting.

  • Explore vibrant landscapes: The infinite sliding never gets dull as players get to travel across various terrains, from icy mountains to sweltering deserts.
  • Play dress-up: Unlock more than 16 costumes, which will grant CubeMelt various abilities to venture further.

There is more to uncover in CubeMelt’s exciting new venture, with tons of power-ups and easter eggs to be found. Download CubeMelt Adventure on your mobile devices now and explore the big wide world with the little ice cube.